MAGIC OF LIFE by Jennifer Christie Temple

Finding a semblance of perspective with a fellow writer, I feel the need mention her work.

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Fire, Wind, Water, and Life

So much of writing is humanistic or anthropomorphic, often fanciful, ranging
from humorous to residual primal, that I thought a balancing dose of the
awesomeness of real life is in order.

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No More Cabbage

Imagine you're visiting the Tortoise Exhibit at the London Zoo.
Kneeling down to observe their lumbering movements, you mull
over what thoughts they're capable of and how they might
communicate. Careful though, or you might be magically whisked
into their world, as this master wordsmith was.

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Searching For Eden

A journey of evolving perception.

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How's Your Mental Well-being?

At the chemical level, food is the brain's primary link to its evolution and its ongoing physiology (i.e. how well it functions).  It's scientifically established that diet is correlated with (among other physiological aspects) the brain chemicals that influence mood and behavior [e.g. 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15].  That is, diet notably influences the thought processes and emotional reactions that ultimately guide us on our path through life.  Thus, if our diet is lacking, then at a minimum our brain is not functioning optimally. 

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